Work‘s only on iOS 13.0 and above

Currently implemented features:

-Set your own Switcherradius
-Set your own Carrier
-Disable scrolling in Lockscreen
-Disable Today View in Lockscreen
-Disable EU-Volume-Limit includes Disable wake Display for EU Limit and Eu Limit General.
-Disable wake Display if you change the Volume
-Disable Backlight Dimming if you lock your Device
-Disable Clock Animation on Homescreen Clock icon
-Disable Auto-Dim in Lockscreen or Choose your own idle Timer for: no Message present, music present and messages present.
-Disable Torch and Kamera button’s on iPhone X and above.

More features are coming soon.

Configure options from Settings.


Added a switch to disable IconFlyIn and Display turnon if message received.
Updated April 13, 2021
License Free Package
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