Compatible with iOS 11-14.

A metapackage which installs (or upgrades)

- "OpenSSH CC Toggle" (u.blanxd.opensshcc),

- "OpenSSH Settings" (u.blanxd.opensshport),

- "SSHswitch" (u.blanxd.sshswitch).

This used to be an all-in-one package which included all of the above, but they are now split up so anyone can install the parts that are desired:

- the CC Toggle only (thus avoiding the dependency for PreferenceLoader),

- or the Settings only (thus avoiding the dependency for CCSupport),

- or only the CLI tool.

- Or all of the above.

After upgrading this to version 1.5, it can be as well uninstalled, because it doesn't contain any files any more, the packages listed above contain all the functional parts of the tweak(s).

blanxd on Reddit

Updated January 1, 2021
License Free Package
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