Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Have ever thought that iOS was too dark? Despite much for customizer tweak it failed to complete the systemwide little lack. Systemwide is a tweak that will allow you to change the colors of iOS. You can change all the colors of ios, which can bring more if you have a theme. Or even change the color of your status bar.

In addition to both iOS colors, I added you is for you ease functions iOS. Have the ability to secure ALL pubs in applications, put your horlogue in italic and much more.

2 other functions were added to enhance your iDevice, you can make a swipe pages on the points on the springboard to go faster in the page if you have many applications. The 2 nd let you know which wireless network you are right now and your IP address in a single tap on the icon in the status bar Wifi.

In addition to these features, you can choose an image for your slider replaced bases. You have a choice of 21 slides (others come in next update)

As you can see there are many suitable combination for iOS has your image.

Configure options from Settings.


- Fix crash for all iPhone

- Fix Preference crash iPhone 6/6+
- Fix Pop bugs
- Fix Pop in App Store
- Fix Icon in preferences
- Add french translation

Fix LabelController

A big update today !

Full compatibility with iOS 9.
A new settings experience you can share with your friends the tweak !

- A new icon in settings
- In StatusBar Controller : A new color picker to have more choise.
- 4 New Slider images. You can now change all slider images (instruction in Slider Controller).
-(New) Siri Controller : You ca now custom Siri voice and background
- (New) KeyBoard Controller : Custom your keyboard at your image (cursor, color keyboard, prediction..)
- In Springboard Controller : New functions to have a better springboard ( 8 ios appswitcher , rotation .. )
- (New) Alert Controller : You can custom all alert of iOS (Pop up) for example when you delete an application or others.

A lot of new features in this version 2.0. Many will happen soon. Stay connected.

Updated November 1, 2015
License Commercial Package
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