Compatible with iOS 11 - 12

TabBlocker is able to block the opening of new tabs for specified websites.

Allot of times when I try to watch a video, or open certain webpages that contain allot of ads. I get redirected to a new tab almost directly. TabBlocker will ask you if the webpage is allowed to open new tabs, or just block them! In the settings you will find:
- White-listed domains
- Black-listed domains
- Black-listed Url's

- Configurable in settings
- Block any new tab by specifying source URL
- Multiple URL can be split by ;
- Will bypass any anti-adblocker script! (no website is able to block this method)
- Configurable option to disable new tab animations

Tested on iOS 11 - 12

Made for fun by Droom0ne. Feel free to contact me on reddit:

This tweak is opensource! Github



- Fixed preference bundle issue

- Added support for iOS 12
- Compiled for ARM64e (A12)
- Minor bugfixes
Updated May 15, 2019
License Free Package
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