Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Requires device with TouchID

3 days FREE trial / 3天试用期
Commercial Package ($1.99 / ¥10.0)

Use TouchID sensor to do some actions, like Back to Home screen, lock device, etc.

Support TouchID gestures:
•Single Press
•Double Press
•Triple Press
•Press & Hold
•Press & Slide in - Press then slide to screen

Support actions:
•Home Button - Use as Home Button
•Switcher - Toggle App Switcher
•Lock Device
•Siri - Toggle Siri
•Reachability - Activate Reachability
•Screenshot - Take screenshot
•App Back - Go back previous page in the app
•Back - Go back previous page
•Last App - Switch to previous app

Touchr also support feature called "Turn on screen", allows you to wake up or unlock device by touching the TouchID.

支持的TouchID 手势:

•Home按钮 - 模拟按一下Home按钮
•多任务 - 激活系统多任务管理界面
•Siri - 激活Siri
•便捷访问 - 激活便捷访问
•程序内返回 - 程序内返回上一页面
•返回 - 全局返回上一页面
•上一个程序 - 切换到上一个使用的程序


No icon is added to the homescreen. Configure options from Settings app.


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- Added "Do Nothing" action
- 添加“无动作”动作
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Updated April 7, 2017
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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