Compatible with iOS 13

Truecuts is a tweak for Siri Shortcuts that enables all automation triggers to run without prompting.

Siri Shortcuts has a new feature in iOS 13 called Automations. These automations run when something happens - i.e. when Low Power Mode is turned on, or at a certain time of day.

Some of these triggers can be set to run without prompting. Others don’t have this option. The triggers that don’t have the option - and thus, must be activated via a notification - are the triggers you’d want to run automatically (time of day, arrive at a location, etc.), drastically reducing the effectiveness of Shortcut Automations.

This tweak fixes that by allowing all triggers to be run without prompting.

(Do be careful though! I had my development device in my other pocket today and I forgot I had a test automation that turned on the flashlight at a certain time. I left the flashlight on for over an hour by accident!)

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Updated for A12 and A13.
Updated February 22, 2020
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