Supports iOS 6 - 16 and all devices.

Did you ever lose your favorite tweaks from repos? Did you think it would be great to save these tweaks back to DEB's to install them later? Now you can. Meet Twackup. 

Twackup is a CLI utility written in Rust. It means it is the safest and the fastest utility for now! It can parse the dpkg database in milliseconds and rebuild about 80 packages in less than 15 seconds on modern devices and less than a minute on old such as iPad mini 1 or iPhone 4. Moreover, Twackup doesn't use Foundation or CoreFoundation API mostly. That means it should run even on iOS 3 (was tested on iOS 6 though).

What about functionality, Twackup can list packages, find leaves (like HomeBrew on macOS and Linux) and rebuild them back to DEB's (all at once or one by one). Furthermore, it can export packages and repositories from Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra to a file and restore them from this file. Other package managers like Saily or Installer are not supported. I hope I add them later.

Twackup is an open-source project. I'll appreciate it if you help me by opening a pull request or just creating an issue with a bug report or improvement suggestions. See project on Github.



- Add options to change deb compression type and level. Now supports **gzip**, **zstd** and **xz** types
- Improve logging system
- Add some colors to cli commands errors

Under the hood

- Update all dependencies with security fixes
- Split project into the library and CLI interface
- Refactor all modules - rebuilding, archiving, dpkg database parsing. Now they are working as expected and pass tests
- Document every public part of library
- Migrate to Tokio instead of threadpools

Still works on iOS 6 and has support up to iOS 16 😎
Updated November 18, 2022
License Free Package
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