Requires Tweetbot 3 from AppStore.

Enhancements for Tweetbot 3

- Current Features:

Send Photos via DM
Ever wanted to send other users photos using direct messages? Well, now you can.

Native Favorites
Stop Tweetbot from kicking you into favstar whenever you're trying to view favoriters list and show them natively within the app.

Stream over LTE
Allows timeline streaming over cellular network.

Auto Rotation
Use Tweetbot in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Developer Settings
Enable hidden developer settings inside Tweetbot.

Fake Profile Info
Override tweets/followers/following/listed count and verify your account.

140+ Tweets
Tweet with more than 140 characters.

140+ Direct Messages
Send direct messages with more than 140 characters.

Tweetbot+ is available in the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Spanish.

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Added ability to hide/show status bar on any orientation.
Fixed lag in Tweetbot+ settings.
Removed ads completely.
Other bug fixes and improvements.
Updated April 30, 2015
License Free Package
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