Twitter Widget for homescreen

You must create a list(public one), and if you want you can put all the people you are following to get their tweets but i recommend to put in that list the most important people you are following, in my case i just have engadget,appstore and few others, well.

In iFile open the "widget.html" (see the screenshoots in more info) with "text visor" (i think thats how is in english) and you will find "YourName" delete it and put your twitter name there, and where it says "YourList" put the name of your list there.

Thats all you are ready to go. Hopefully i will add auto-Scrolling in an update. You can edit the widget.html in ifile or your computer just go to: /var/mobile/Library/ PerpageHtml/Twitter Feed

Requires PerPageHTML, it will be installed automatically

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Updated May 3, 2011
License Free Package
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