For You:

✔︎ Download Videos
✔︎ Following Page enhancements
✔︎ Hide all buttons and text views for all videos (LP)
✔︎ Comment more than 90 characters for all videos
✔︎ Present the download button in For You page (LP)
✔︎ Pinch to zoom and rotation gestures for videos
✔︎ Perform all share actions

✔︎ Download User's Profile Image
✔︎ Show date created for all videos
✔︎ View Private or Under Review videos
✔︎ Spoof Following, Fan and Hearts stats (LP)
✔︎ Display the region for all Users
✔︎ Display User's birthday, age and video upload count
✔︎ Sort user's videos by Likes in descending order
✔︎ Sort user's Liked videos in descending order

✔︎ LIVE enhancements (LP)
✔︎ View extra user info for all members in Live streams
✔︎ Type more than 50 characters in Live Chats
✔︎ Display all gift prizes in Live streams
✔︎ Disable marking profiles as seen
✔︎ Upload videos up to 600s length
✔︎ Removed TikTok Ads

*LP = Long Press for 1 second

Open sourced: on Github


Fixed issue when tapping the likes button to change statistics of any user
Updated January 13, 2021
License Free Package
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