Tested on iOS 13

Vinyl brings a clean, simple look to the lockscreen music player and allows users to:

- Selectively show progress bar, volume bar, or both
- Toggle visibility of the connectivity button
- Adjust the player and artwork corner radius incrementally
- Adjust the player's background opacity incrementally
- Change the color of the player's text and controls (black/white)

~This tweak has native support for RTL language devices!

*These options are configurable from within the settings app and do NOT require a respring to take effect.


◦ Fixed progress bar position remaining static
◦ Fixed controls' default color bug

◦ Added ability to adjust player and artwork corner radius incrementally
◦ Changed progress bar knob back to a circle
◦ Removed volume knob for time being
◦ Added volume color support
◦ Added native RTL support
Updated May 23, 2020
License Free Package
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