Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Requires device with TouchID
Also available, Virtual Home (iOS 7)

Use TouchID sensor as home button.

"Give you home button a break."

Support the following actions:
- Single tap
- Double tap
- Short hold
- Single tap and short hold

You can use those actions to do the following functions:
- Sleep, Multitask, open Siri and activate Reachability

Virtual Home also comes with a feature called "QuickUnlock".

"QuickUnlock" allows you to unlock or wake up device by touching the TouchID when the phone is in standby mode.
It will consume more battery but Virtual Home comes with options to turn it off automatically after a period of inactivity.

Virtual Home will also unlock your device even if your device is not passcode locked - you can unlock your device by holding the TouchID instead of sliding to unlock.

You can also disable Virtual Home inside any particular app.

It has been tested to work with BioLockdown, iTouchSecure and other TouchID related tweaks.

Requires iOS 8 and TouchID




Virtual Home 还有一个功能叫做“快速解锁”。

Virtual Home完美适配“BioLockdown”,“iTouchSecure” 以及其它运用TouchID的插件。

Configure options from Settings.


- iOS 9 Support - Screen flickering after notifications fixed

- getting screenshot on QuickUnlock fixed

Support iOS 8.3 - Single doesn't work on Lockscreen fixed
- Vibrate not working inside Shazam or stuff fixed
- Override vibrate not working fixed
- Compatible with Lockdown pro
- Short hold to sleep bug fixed
- And many performance updates

** There is a known issue with HomeScreenDesigner on iPhone 5S **

- Single tap not working after screenshot fixed
- Device vibrates after unlock with Biolockdown installed fixed.

Check out the development status of VH8 here

- QuickUnlock bug fixed

- Fixed Single tap conflict with SpeedyHomey

-Glitch after unlocking phone fixed

- Single tap bug fixed
- Override vibrate setting fixed

Long and overdue update is out! Sorry for the delay.

- Vibrate in silent mode
- Tap and hold to screenshot
- Aeternum bug fixed
- Homescreendesigner fixed
- Siri doesn't stop listening fixed
- Multiiconmoved fixed
- Call on lock screen bug fixed
- Single tap stopped working after screenshot fixed
- And many small bugs reported by users fixed
- HomeScreenDesigner conflict fixed
- Vibration not working fixed
- Handle accidental touching TouchID better
- Single tap options
- AppLocker support
- Flipswitch support
- Doesn't depend on Applist anymore

Updated October 21, 2015
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