Compatible with iOS 14.3 or newer

Disables the short animation that pops up when attaching a MagSafe wallet.

Only works on iOS(>= 14.3) and A12+. For obvious reasons! ;)

Created as my first iOS tweak ever.

I present Walletigious 0.0.2! Used to disable the animation that comes when attatching a MagSafe wallet.

Future Updates, I hope to add more functionality, such as changing the color of the wallet animation and adding system prefrences option.

Special thank you to: @TheLazyITGuy, @tomaszpoliszuk, and @krit for teaching me along the way! :)

No Screenshots for this item.

Updates: 0.0.2, fixes bug that disables other accessories other than the wallet.
Updated October 19, 2021
License Free Package
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