Compatible with iOS 5 and 6

WeeWorldClock is a cydia tweak for the Notification Center that enables to show 2 or 3 clocks on timezones you can choose directly from the settings. Both analog and digital clocks are available: in digital case, green dot on your left stands for AM, red on your right for PM.

It is based on WorldClock Plugin for LockInfo (Native) which won't be available anymore from LockInfo 5 (LIV) due to changes in LI. If you're a previous owner of a license from that plugin, email me for a free update.

NotificationCenter addons can be configured from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel

Configure options from Settings app

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Adjust memory management for better compatibility with tweak like Dashboard X, Springtomize 2, Auxo, Intelliscreen, LI5 or Bulltein board.
This should resolve some crash due to them not cleaning memory same as notification center. Please contact me with your configuration description if crash remains.
Updated January 24, 2014
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