BigBoss, Bernstein and BigDaveyJ (the designers of iNorris) bring you Jokes.

Jokes lets you install joke packs and enjoy a variety of styles of comedy. A couple packs are preinstalled. Look forward to more jokepacks in the future and enjoy!

To add your own joke pack follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.



Adding a joke pack requires creating a folder in the user dir /var/mobile/Media/Jokes/YourJokeSetName. In this folder, you must put:
  • icon.png - a 30x30 png file for the joke set icon. Required!
  • jokes.txt - a text file containing ASCII text (no unicode characters) with one joke per line. All lines starting with a blank line are ignored. Jokes must be 4095 characters or less per joke.
  • images - image01.png, image02.png, image03.png etc. Up to 20 images with this naming scheme. These are randomly displayed while the joke text is shown. Images must be 300 x 250. Images must be named in consecutive order. Do not skip a number (example: image01.png image02.png image04.png. Image's 1 and 2 only would be shown).
  • Hosting - finally to get your jokeset into installer, contact me at with "Jokes Hosting" in the subject and we can put your pack in installer!