Move your springboard icons into folders! See more info for details. See changelog for whats new in this version!
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- 2.99.9-2 - fixes hidden icons crash
- 2.99.9-1 - fixes broken "i" button in folders.
- Rewrite of GUI to be more iphone-like in flow
- Fixed some low memory cases on hide icons on 3g devices.

v2.99.8 - Adds webclip support to the GUI but not the launcher. (If you have categories SB installed, webclips work now. If not, you have to wait for me to update my launcher). Fixed issue with iBlanks app causing a lot of blank space enumerating apps.

Updated for 4.0 compatibility only. (Note: some features like backgrounds may not work). Will work on categories after rest of my apps are 4.0 stable after main jailbreak is released.

2.x users are locked permanently to v2.99.4. All new features are for 3.x firmwares only.

NEW: works with libhide's no respring hiding now.

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Updated August 8, 2010
License Free Package
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