Premium bamboo style LS/SB theme

WARNING: 150+ MB data if you choose to download this complete package. It may take a few minutes to download and install. Be warned. You should turn off auto lock or be plugged. Else the wifi will drop and the download will abort.

Note: This does not require you to have the iMatte theme installed, you can use it with any theme you wish.

iMatte Premium - Bamboo Edition is a premium lockscreen and springboard theme with some extras

  • 6 sets of 550+ custom icons (different colors, and corners)
  • highly detailed set of wallpapers with different color schemes
  • 4 parallax widescreen wallpapers also included.
  • stock ios folders background
  • notification center background
  • Siri background
  • SBSettings theme
  • custom loading screens for all stock iOS apps + some appstore and cydia ones, plus a generic fallback
  • 24 different folder icons
  • nice lockscreen slider theme
Everything is broken down into separate themes. So you will have a Bamboo icons, loading screens, pages, slider and add-ons (this includes the folder bg, siri bg, and so on). So you can choose exactly what you wish to enable, and won't have to mess with the themes folders itself so much.

This doesn't include any widgets. There are already many different widgets available for iMatte, you can choose one if you wish to have some. But honestly, those will probably look much better without, as they are created to have you stare at them.

If you happen to have the iMatte theme installed, you will notice that everything blends nicely together. The wallpapers are created with how the lockscreen keypad looks and everything... Every pixels are where they should be. A true piece of art.

Don't believe me, give it a try, and I can tell you, you will never look back.

Read complete Usage Instructions here

If you care about having the icons from unsorted being turned into Bundles, you should send me your custom icons folder so I can merge with the set.

Apply using Winterboard settings

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5.7 update:

All images crushed with pngquant. 40-70% reduced file size, also easier on the device's ram.

Changed the camera grabber. It is now properly display as the camera grabber image, and not in the barbottomlock anymore.

Removed the square icon sets.

Added 438 new glyphs in the unsorted directory of each sets. The total count is now (!)1188(!) icons. Both application specific icons and generic have been added.

Added WeatherIcons for each sets.

As always, if you customized the original icons theme dir (picking icons from unsorted and creating bundles), then make sure you backup your folder, just in case.

Updated July 21, 2012
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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