IMPORTANT: You must change your Settings to make this Clock operate properly. Read below for instructions to activate.

The Otaku Analog clock on the lockscreen. Animated backgrounds of Mirai chan and Haruka chan. Check the screenshots for details.

Otaku analog Clock Cydget requires Saurik's Cydget to be installed. Enable from Settings - Cydget

Activate this Cydget by opening Settings app on your iPhone or iPod touch and choosing `Cydget` submenu. Open the `Lock Cydget Order` setting and tap on the row to place a checkmark next to the Otaku Clock item to add it to your lock screen's plugin rotation. You can also use this to rearrange the order of their rotation.

When you are on the lock screen press the home button to go to the next plugin.

See More Info below for Screenshots

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Updated January 22, 2010
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