Supports iOS 4.2.1 - 10.2

(All devices)

Icon Moving Made Easy!

Moving icons one at a time is a pain.

With MultiIconMover+, you can move multiple icons at once, making rearranging icons a simple - perhaps even fun - task.

How It Works

When editing icons:

  1. Tap the icons you want to move.
  2. Switch to the page or folder you want to move them to.
  3. Press the Home button.

... and the icons are moved.



  • Move multiple icons between pages.
  • Move multiple icons in and out of folders.
  • Move multiple folders.
  • Mark selected icons with numbers instead of checks (to show order in which they will be moved).
  • Insert icons at the top of a page.
  • Put icons on the next free page if current is full.
  • Move icons by double-tapping background.


  • Uninstall multiple apps at once.
  • Animate moved icons sequentially.
  • (and more...)

Please always read before upgrading.

Check out the original MultiIconMover.