BossPaper is a Wallpapers manager for your desktop that uses very little processor or memory. When you launch an app, the paper rotation stops until your app is closed. This prevents the rotating backgrounds from affecting the performance of your app or game. Winterboard themes use Javascript to do this, but those continue to run even when your iPhone is locked or when you are in another app causing there to be some lag on slower devices.

It can rotate pictures in a slideshow without Javascript using a variety of transitions. You can select the folders, images, transitions to use, transition length, and many other features in order to control the way the background will appear.

This is not a replacement for Winterboard. It is a separate enhancement to help fill the gap where I believe Winterboard leaves off. See more info for a list of features and screenshots.

More Information

v1.2.0 = 4.0 compatibility issues. Defeatured some things so that backgrounds actually show up and work on 4.0.
Fixed the 4.0 dock issue if you previously installed a custom dock and your icons moved up, you should be able to reinstall stock 4.0 dock now and fix it.

v1.1.4-2 = Permissions issue fixed that prevented custom docks.

v1.1.4 - 4.0 compatibility changes. (4.0 users: I strongly recommend you disable all transitions as it will be able to use native background image method which looks better with folders!).

v1.1.3 Adds option at bottom of bosspaper application to select aspect ratio options from "Stretch (the old method before 1.1.2 came out), Zoom (fills screen but with proper aspect ratio, and Fit (the way 1.1.2 handles it).

v1.1.2 keeps aspect ratio of images so that images are no longer skewed or stretched.

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Updated October 21, 2010
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